Christmas in Naples, Via San Gregorio Armeno

Christmas in Naples, Via San Gregorio Armeno! If you love Christmas cribs, if you want to admire the craftsmen at work, if you want to get involved from the heat of Christmas, there is one place in Italy where to go: Naples. The city of Naples is a lively city, exuberant, authentic and beautiful. Wonderful in its contrasts, generous, noisy, noble and welcoming. A trip to Naples will captivate you with its many flavors, his goodness, with his art, with the cheerfulness of its citizens.

Naples is famous for its Nativity scenes, particularly the Via San Gregorio Armeno is the way the Neapolitan crib Here are the shops of artisans of the crib. Here they are built the beautiful statues that make the Neapolitans Cribs.
In Campania Christmas means Nativity. The artisans of Naples Nativity are famous all over the world.

Via San Gregorio Armeno it is dedicated to Christmas all year round. In fact, the artisans are always working with the preparation of the typical terracotta figurines and Capannucce of cork cribs. During the month of December, the street becomes a market whose theme is Christmas, offering the best of it in a really suggestive atmosphere. Christmas in Naples, Via San Gregorio Armeno!

The craft shops of Via San Gregorio Armeno

The shops of Via San Gregorio Armeno are invaluable work treasures. Inside those walls in fact it has been handed down for generations ancient and precious art that the whole world envies us, the crib art. Outside the Christmas period you can stop quietly in one of the many shops and admire craftsmen. See them carve wood, sewing fabrics, porcelain and then work the plan. Then build, create characters, rivers, houses and mountains. During the holidays will be more difficult to stop because of the crowd and the many buyers who enter in the shops to buy a crib or part of it.

But what you can find in the shops of Via San Gregorio Armeno? You can find a reproduction of a crib of 1700 the value of thousands of euro to the statue of a VIP character that will cost you a few tens of euro. All the traditional characters of the crib and of all measures. Those high just a few cm to over 30 cm tall ones! Obviously the Holy Family, the Magi and the shepherds. Statues made in various shapes and materials. Then typical Neapolitan pizza and other characters .. the profesisoni and still houses or mills with water gear, huts and of course the little boy. Christmas in Naples, Via San Gregorio Armeno!

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