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Celebrating the Carnival is more than just a tradition …

Carnival is a festival characterize by enjoyment of food, drinks and sensual pleasures and granted as funny time to the lower classes. Carnival is an occasion of  temporary disruption of social order, an event performed over the centuries and worldwide. The Carnival has been enriched by new and different nuances, transforming itself into a spectacle. From North to South, Italy celebratesCarnivals of ancient traditions known internationally, which attract every year thousands of visitors from around the world. Carnival masks in Italy, Festivals 2017!

From North to South: Carnival masks in Italy, Festivals 2017

VENICE (February 2-February 28, 2017) Masks: Columbine, Harlequin, Pantalone, Zanni …

The most famous festival in Italy and all over the word, the Carnival of Venice, is one of the oldest and richest in tradition. This year’s theme is “CREATUM” as an idea of ​​the re-start, as a revival of the ancient origins of Venice and enhancement of excellence of the territory.

L ‘event that will open the 2017 Venice Carnival is the famous water show to be held on February 11 on the Rio di Cannaregio: a magical web of sounds, artists and colors that are woven on the water to surprise us and make us rediscover the taste for life simplicity.

In the following days the most charming cities in Italy results in boat parades among the romantic canals, masks that enliven Piazza San Marco, music, concerts and food and wine tasting in every corner of the city. Carnival masks in Italy, festive city in 2017.

AMBROSIANO CARNIVAL in MILAN (1-4 March, 2017) Masks: Meneghino, Beltrame, Cecca ..

The St. Ambrose Carnival has a development somewhat original… when all carnivals end … here in Milan begins! Shrove Tuesday it does not lay down here the end of the carnival, which is delayed by a week. This is because on one occasion, before starting the Lenten rites, Milan waited for the bishop of Milan, who was returning from a pilgrimage.
The most famous mask of Milan Carnival is Meneghino.
Among the most important events: the Parade and festival in Piazza Duomo.

CENTO (19/12/26 February and 5/12 March 2017) Mask: Tasi

The Carnival of Cento is twinned since 1990 with the carnival in Rio, which is among the most famous in the world. This increased the fame of Cento, but it is certainly not the only reason behind his success! Some of Guercino’s frescoes shows the Carnival of Cento and this is a guarantee and demonstration of the ancient tradition of  Cento’s history. Everything else should see it for yourself: a great event, participated and felt by locals and tourists. Carnival masks in Italy, Festivals 2017!

Carnival in the Islands

ACIREALE, SICILY (18-28 February 2017) Mask: Peppe Nappa

This event is known as the most beautiful carnival in Sicily. It remains one of the best carnivals in Italy since its origins, which date back to the sixteenth century. Initially it was tradition meet in the street and challenge each of lemons and oranges; then this fight citrus based underwent a ban, and today it is simply a wonderful festival in the streets of the city center where Parade floats with papier-mache masks.

MAMOIADA, SARDINIA (17 January to 28 February) Masks: Mamuthone and Issohadores

The Carnival in Italy can also be a bit less colorful: Mamoiada stands out for its originality. The real stars of this Carnival dress all black, have sad faces, wear black sheepskins and even more black masks! They are called Mamuthones and their history is not clear: seems that the fashion show was born in the nineteenth century as a rite to worship animals and propitiate the harvest. They carry on their shoulders bells, that they shake slowly. Slowness of movement is also due to the weight of the dress and the bells so hard to carry all those kg!

The Parade is spectacular, but do not worry about the gloomy atmosphere: to add a “classic touch” are coming the Issohadores, another traditional mask of Mamoiada accompanying the procession of Mamuthones by wearing brighter colors and white masks. Carnival masks in Italy, Festivals 2017!