Cleto Festival, 19-20-21 August 2017

What is the Cleto Festival?

The historic center of a small town of Calabria region, takes place in August. The city abandos the silence and tranquility to join life and movement. It’s time for  CLETO FESTIVAL between music, art and events! Cleto Festival, 19-20-21 August 2017 in Calabria region awaits you! Read it to the end to find out how to reach Cleto.

Coming to the 7th edition, the cultural project was born from the bottom, designed and constructed piece after piece from boys and girls living the territory. Organized by the cultural association La Piazza in the summer of 2011, the festival promotes the Calabrian culture through art in all its forms.

La Piazza is a non-profit socio-cultural association, consisting of a group of children living in the municipality of Cleto (Cs). For several years they have been organizing events and initiatives believing in the value of collective work for a common good. The initiatives promote socialization among the citizens, valorise the territory through cultural activities and passionate the new generations to art and social issues. Cleto Festival, 19-20-21 August 2017, does not receive any public funding but is created through the self-financing and economic aid of individuals who appreciate and support the project.

How is organized the Cleto Festival, 19-20-21 August 2017?

Cleto and its streets become a showcase for emerging local artists and, at the same time, an ideal setting for meetings and conferences. From music to theater, from figurative arts to photography. Literature and conceptual arts are also included in the festival. Cleto Festival Calabria, August 2017!

More information and program on the official website

How to reach Cleto Festival by bus? You can choose to stop in Amantea, Cosenza or Lamezia Terme.

Amantea, Cosenza e Lamezia are close to Cleto! When you arrive in one of these cities in Calabria region, you can take public local transport.



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