Epiphany in Matera 6 January 2017. The beautiful city of Stones opens the door for the impressive event on 06.01.2017. Epiphany in Matera 6 January 2017!

Night of Cubicocca in Matera

On January 5 to Motescaglioso (Matera) tornanno the Cucibocca. At the end of the holiday season, the traditional appointment with the Night of Cucibocca!

The ancient and mysterious tradition present in Montescaglioso is proposed in Matera. They remain the motivations and symbolism contained in the Cucibocca figures largely mysterious. A character also present in the Carnival of Montescaglioso but that has its own life the night of January 5th. The Cucibocca is a unique tradition in the whole South. Mysterious figures dressed in dark coat or old coats, wearing a hat or a hemp disc mill. The face framed by bushy white beards. The foot a broken chain crawling on the pavement with a thud. Knocking on doors and call for tenders in nature. In his hand a basket with a lamp and a long needle with which to threaten to sew the mouths of children. Disappear into the darkness with the advance of the night. Children, attracted scared but take refuge in the arms of their parents. Fall at home to go early to bed allowing the Befana to fill the stockings with toys, sweets and gifts …

As well as tradition, at home and in the streets, they consume the nine morsels of Cucibocca. In the mysterious night before Epiphany focus rites and beliefs of the great peasant communities. The sewing mouth marks the end of the Christmas libations. According to a still this belief in many countries of the South, on the night of January 5, the souls of the dead, back among the living from Purgatory and head up to the houses where they lived. The procession parades in the deepest night, invisible to the living who, in total silence, barricade themselves in the house and leave an offering, and libations of water to quench the parched souls from the flames.

Another charming tradition evokes even more ancestral memories. On the night before the Epiphany, the animals regain the gift of speech, one can predict the immediate future, but also have the power to curse the men who mistreat animals. The owl, symbol of wisdom and the word, the task of preventing the intrusion of men in the world of animals.

The Cucibocca appears even today as the local response to the globalized Santa Claus. Unlike the Santa Klaus Cucibocca not bring gifts, but actually requires them. He has a scented beard, combed and muffled, but a beard stinking hemp. It has sparkling dresses but a black coat, and instead of the elegant red hood, a orredo hemp disc mill. Finally the ringing of the slide gives way to dull screech of broken chains tied to the feet. Again this year, Cucibocca emerge slowly from the Abbey of San Michele.

Epiphany in Matera 6 January 2017 !

The large monastery starting from 19,00 will be lit by oil lamps allowing Ccibocca to complete the ritual of dressing. Nessuo, among the smallest, must be able to know who is behind the mask Cucibocca. Some dads of many children waiting uncertain, between fear and iivertimeto the appearance of mysterious figures. At around 20.30 in the twilight of apparirannoi Cucibocca cloisters expected by many children who try to grapple with the fear and follow the mysterious black figure in the dark alleys of the old town. Epiphany in Matera 6 January 2017 !

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