Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, exhibition in Rome in Campo dei Fiori

Intro Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, exhibition in Rome

An exhibition dedicated to the universal genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, in the heart of Rome with numerous touring versions all over the world. The Leonardo Da Vinci’s Museum give to every single visitor a unique experience where its sensorial perception. Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, exhibition in Rome!
A landmark both for visitors and training aid, a cognitive instrument. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Museum of Rome has the real machines draw by Da Vinci’s codes.
An impousing and peculiar work, made with trifle care to realize actual working machines, with great size. Built the way of special processes. These machines, not just “models” are entirely made by wood and this required the use of sophisticated technologies both special human skills.
This Museum is an exhibition well studied and well-groomed down to the smallest detail, where machines interactivity play the key role.

Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, exhibition in Rome

The first room is dedicated to the flying machines. These include a prototype of an hang glider and the Screw Air, designed to be built in wood, linen cloth and wire. A real modern propeller ancestor. It is said that Leonardo lives never flew because the force of the four men who were to operate it was not enough.

The Codes Vinciani Arundel and Atlantic contain numerous military projects of machines and weapons. Think of the revolutionary invention of the tapered shape projectile. The same bullet that it took the British at the Battle of Waterloo.
In the second room of the exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci Experience you can admire some of the most fascinating war machines built to a design by Leonardo. The Catapult, designed to overcome the fortified walls, the lethal Bombard. The innovative machine gun in Fan with twelve rods arranged in a semicircle which could be raised and lowered to adjust its output.

In this room there is also the House of Mirrors. An ingenious cabin equipped with eight mirrored walls. It allows you to view an object in its entirety without having to move it. Seeing is believing!


Visitors as well as see the works on display and interactive machines will be able to better understand its operation. The virtual system images reproduced by nine holograms to present his studies on the flight, war, engineering and painting.

The projection floating in the void will be so realistic and clear that the Leonardo machine appears to the viewer, like magic, like a physically present object in 3D. You can admire some wonderful inventions of Leonardo that will materialize through the action and the projected movement of the object. Catapulting the public to the great genius times.

The basement of the exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci Experience

At the end of the museum in the basement of this beautiful palace retain a real hidden treasure visible thanks to this exhibition. This is the tomb Aulus Hirtius, Caesar’s lieutenant died in the battle of Modena of 43a.C. The tomb, discovered in 1938, is completely submerged by the waters. The channel that runs through Campus Martius and flowed into the Tiber. Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, exhibition in Rome!

Piazza della Cancelleria, 1 Rome (Campo dei Fiori)

Open daily from 9:30 to 19:30

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