Luminarie Salerno, Christmas Lights 2017. The spectacular show en plein air of bright artworks in the streets and squares of Salerno.

Luminarie Salerno, Christmas Lights 2017A spectacular exposition of the streets, squares and corners of Salerno. Here the fantasy takes the body through the light leaving everyone with the suspended breath. Luminarie Salerno, Christmas Lights 2017!

Enchanted gardens, the most beloved fairy tales, planetary constellations and celestial phenomena, the Oriental charms, the circular evolutions, the sails and the sea. Scenery that enhances creativity and imagination by bringing visitors into a lovely universe..

Luminarie is a show of lights, a great celebration, a great opportunity to be together with family and friends, a sign of hope and joy that relaxes the soul and helps to look more confident in the future.. Luminarie Salerno, Christmas Lights 2017

Artists Light in Salerno is an event also helps to discover, or rediscover, the great historical, environmental, food and wine heritage of Salerno, the city of the Salerno Medical School which during the months of the event becomes one of the most attractive destinations in Europe.

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Ferris wheel – TicketsLuminarie Salerno, Christmas Lights 2017

Standard 9 euro

Reduced 6 euro children under the age of ten.

Families 22 euro for 2 adults + child 26 euro two adults and two children

The CARD entitles you to a 1 euro discount.

Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition at Luminarie Salerno, Christmas Lights 2017

From November 1st 2017 to February 28th, 2018, at Palazzo Fruscione. An exhibition dedicated to the life, works and machines of Leonardo Da Vinci will be held.

The exhibition is titled “Leonardo da Vinci – the Genius of the Good“. Sponsored by the Salerno Municipal Administration and will allow you to admire and touch different machines built by Master Paolucci on Leonardo’s original models. The collection includes pices from the machine to flight to the bicycle.

Professional costume artists will accompany visitors to the exhibition illustrating the machines and their operation and explaining the works. Furthermore, equipped with QRcode that will return the information as origin, time and location. They will be also available in multiple languages.

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