Milan Carnival 2017: the Ambrosian Carnival starts now!

The Sant’Ambrogio Carnival has a development somewhat ‘original, in the sense that when all carnivals end … here begins! Shrove Tuesday it does not lay down here the end of the carnival, which is delayed by a week. This is because on one occasion, just in the time of St. Ambrose, before starting the Lenten rites would wait for the bishop of Milan, who was returning from a pilgrimage.
The mask of the Milan Carnival is Meneghino.

Programma del Carnevale Milano 2017: il Carnevale Ambrosiano. The Program

The Opening show

Appointment in Duomo Square at 18:30 on Thursday, 2 March 2017 to celebrate the start of Carnival in Milan. An act recounting the tradition with great theatrical images. Italian internationally renowned artists will stage the reasons for which the Carnival is celebrated in Milan late compared to everyone else, with masks in flight and a surprise ending.

Celebration all around

A route with four points in as many themed famous landmarks for a tale of the Carnival through the magic, the fun, the wonder. Saturday, March 4, 2017, the squares Cairoli, Cordusio, the Scala and the courtyard of Palazzo Marino will be alive throughout the day, from 11:30 to 17:30, by a series of thematic activities.

Program all strictly reserved for children in the courtyard of Palazzo Marino. In ‘celebrating’ Court waiting for them two experienced make-up artists who will make original masks. In addition, two masked entertainers guide children in the laboratories of edutainment, with entertainment and themed games.

Milan’s Clown Festival

Four days dedicated to the art of the clown, the new circus and street theater. Coming artists and companies from around the world to offer the public more than a hundred shows. All with free admission, Milan Carnival 2017: Carnival Ambrosiano 1 to 4 March. Milan Carnival 2017: the Ambrosian Carnival!


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