New Year’s Eve in Italy | Potenza 2017

The capital of Basilicata region will host December 31, 2016 the 2017 New Year’s Eve concert, broadcast worldwide from Piazza Mario Pagano, but better known as the Potentini Piazza Prefecture.
Agreement signed (four-year) between the President of the Basilicata Region, Marcello Pittella, and the President of Raicom, Gian Polo already Tagliavia last year that saw as the protagonist Matera and its Sassi, year after meetings in Maratea July 28, 2016 with various associations and bodies concerned other places were decided.
Power this year, news that had been circulating for a while ‘and then to follow Maratea, pearl of the Mediterranean, Venosa Orazio home and of course back to Matera December 31, 2019 and as a European Capital of Culture in 2019 could not but celebrate this event a new year.

The location: Piazza della Prefettura

Piazza Mario Pagano is the main square of the city is also very symbol for Potentini. Located in the historic center and bordered by the famous course of Via Pretoria, impossible not to have made at least a stroll here, for anyone came even just passing in Potenza.
The photo you entered is probably unknown to most young and most likely passed from mind to many, but certainly not to Potentini of a certain age.
This image portrays the clock Piazza Prefecture has been spread around the world after the earthquake of November 23, 1980 that struck Irpinia and power splitting and stopping the clock at the exact time of the first violent shock, the 19,35 .

Guest List of New Year’s Eve in Italy | Potenza 2017  

Who will be at the concert 2017? Here we will give you all the information about the presenters, singers and guests who will perform and participate in the show, the year that will be organized by RAI 1 and broadcasted worldwide December 31, 2016 from Piazza Mario Pagano Potenza to celebrate the arrival of 2017 and drink in joy.
Today there are official names, still early to the presenters, maybe who knows, we’ll see Claudio Lippi, who taken ill a few hours before the event last year, was not present, and he will be back questa’anno? We will review Rocco Papaleo, maybe as the first presenter after the experience of the last New Year, since playing at home?
Let’s wait a bit ‘to give the list of presenters, singers and special guests, as each year are always important names internationally. New Year’s Eve in Italy | Potenza 2017!

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