Picasso Exhibition, Rome 2017

Picasso Exhibition, Rome 2017. Pablo Picasso. Between Cubism and Neoclassicism: 1915-1925

Picasso Exhibition, Rome 2017The Picasso Exhibition, Rome 2017 is a great exposition in collaboration with Paris Center Pompidou, Berlin’s Berggruen Museum, Barcelona’s Fundació Museu Picasso, Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum of New York and the National Galleries of Ancient Art Rome.

Curated by Olivier Berggruen, the exhibition aims to recall the period when Picasso traveled with Cocteau and Stravinsky. From 1881 to 1973 he joined the Russian Ballet Company of Sergey Djaghilev during which the artist would have known and would fall in love with Olga Kochlova, Ballet Ballet Ballet and his first wife.

The start of the Picasso Show, Rome 2017, is scheduled for September 21, 2017. The event ends on 27 January 2018.

Amazing exhibition, which will display more than 100 works by the artist, will deepen Picasso’s production immediately after the Italian experience. It documents the long-term impact of this travel on its formation. From the neoclassical suggestions inspired by the ancient sculpture, the Roman Renaissance, to the discovery of Pompeii’s parietal painting.

The artworks of Picasso Exhibition, Rome 2017 exhibited at the Scuderie del Quirinale

At the Scuderie’s halls, even if not yet officilly confirmed, we will probably find “The portrait of Olga in the armchair” and “The portrait of Paul“, the son Picasso had with Olga.

About an hundred of masterpieces of Pablo Picasso, provided by the great international museums mentioned. From Portraits, to “Hasrlequin Dress“, from “Seated woman” to “Death Nature. Guitar, Bottle, Fruit, Plate and Glass on Table” by “The  Pan Pipes” at “Two Women Running on the Beach“.

Theatre Curtain for Parade at Palazzo Barberini

Amongst the most amazing works of the new set-up are the “Theatre Curtain Parade “. Due to its size, the canvas will be exposed at Palazzo Barberini. You will not be at the Scuderie, but in the nearby Palazzo Barberini, under the vaults of the great room frescoed by Pietro da Cortona with the Triumph of Divine Providence (1632). “A great opportunity – explains curator Berggruen – to compare the modernity of Picasso with the great Italian Seicento“.

The curtain made for the Parade ballet (and for Djaghilev’s company) is a large canvas (more than 10 meters for over 16) usually kept at Center Pompidou. Already exhibited in Italy in 1998, at the Picasso exhibition 1917- 1924 in Venice, at Palazzo Grassi.

Opening Hours of Picasso Exhibition, Rome 2017

Open every day
From Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00
Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 22:30
Entry is allowed up to an hour before the closing time


Full 12,00 euro

Reduced 9,50 euro

Free admission for those who are not yet 18 years old

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