Pixar, the company

The fame of Pixar, founded in California in 1986, is due to the ability to combine art and technology and the innovative use of digital media to create original stories and timeless characters. From Toy Story, the first completely computer-animated film, to the most recent Coco, through Monsters & Co., Finding Nemo, Cars and Inside Out, just to name a few titles, Pixar’s films have always succeeded to involve and fascinate children and adults.

But few know that these incredible films are the result of the work of a team of creative and world-renowned directors who use traditional tools such as drawing, tempera colors, pastels and sculpture along with those of the most digital media. ‘vanguard. The exhibition will cover the history, the techniques and the process of realization of Pixar’s works. Pixar Exhibition in Rome 2018 is an unmissable event!

Pixar Exhibition in Rome 2018 – 30 years of animation

After Milan at the PAC – Pavilion of Contemporary Art, the Pixar Exhibition in Rome 2018 moves to Palazzo delle Esposizioni in autumn.
With over 400 works including drawings, sculptures, sketches, collages and storyboards, and a rich selection of video materials, the Pixar exhibition. 30 years of animation curated by Elyse Klaidman and Maria Grazia Mattei for the Italian edition, is a real journey in the studios, and in the creative universe of Pixar that arrives at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.

The exhibition itinerary offers a key to reading based on the concepts of Character, History and World, three fundamental elements for making a great film. All enriched by two spectacular installations, the Artscape and the Zoetrope, which with the digital technology revive the exhibited works and recreate the emotion and the magic of the animation. The studio that has realized some of the great masterpieces of the history of animation like Toy Story or Finding Nemo also arrives in Rome, with an exhibition that this time will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Luxo’s house.

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