Roger Waters concert, July 14th 2018 Rome

The outdoor version of the Us + Them tour arrives at Rome with its impressive set design and extraordinary special effects.

Just 3 months from the 6 already sold out concerts scheduled for April in the Milan and Bologna sports halls, Roger Waters returns to the Italian stages.
But it does so with a very different representation, an impressive and spectacular production so far staged only in Mexico City and the historic Desert Trip Festival last year and that the creative genius of Pink Floyd has decided after a long wait to bring in Europe.
The show will be held 14 July in the fascinating scenery of the Circus Maximus of Rome, where you can breathe the fascination of history like no other place. A concert that will mark the return of Roger Waters to Rome 5 years after his performance of The Wall at the Olympic Stadium.

The outdoor version of Us + Them includes elements of very high spectacularity starting from an innovative stage that reproduces the Battersea Power Station in London that evokes the historical cover of Animals, a milestone in the production of Pink Floyd.
The tour title is taken from the song “Us and Them“, which was part of Pink Floyd’s record sales record “Dark Side of the Moon“.
An evening that promises to be already legendary both for the breathtaking scenery and for the uniqueness of the show staged.

Circus Maximus, Rome.

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