The Pink Night, 6 July 2018 | Romagna

The Notte Rosa is the New Year’s Day , the unique event with which the Riviera Romagnola tells the general public its vocation of welcoming and welcoming land, able to involve and astonishing those who attend it as always.
Over 110 km of coastline with more than 300 shows chosen to meet every expectation: from the most sophisticated to the most party, from jazz to rock, from animation for children to smooth, from visual to contemporary art, the all in great harmony as only a territory like this can and can do.
The Notte Rosa is the living testimony of a Riviera sensitive to changes, of a Riviera always on the cutting edge in launching new trends taking care to enhance its traditions; a riviera able to give its best, making its guests feel the protagonists of the holiday!
The lights, the colors, the magical atmospheres of this night are the wonderful scenery that surrounds young and old, whose dream is to feel good.

Emilia Romagna is a land of passions. Everything that is born here is driven by an irresistible force, by a desire to put our soul in it. Passion and enthusiasm are the engine of this land, the most authentic features that have always made it famous all over the world.
A strong, creative land that never tires of reinventing itself, of improving itself, of capturing new trends. Here everything is done with the heart.

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