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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers | LinkAvel Bus


Of course! LinkAvel allows you to access its services even if you are not signed in. All the information about the buyer will be asked during the purchase process.

For a faster reservation, please Register here.

No. Once registered, you can access to your account with the username and password you chose.

If you have lost your password, you can reset the old access key and enter a new one:

  • when the system asks you to enter your log-in information, select “Forgot Password?”

  • enter the email address with which you registered on LinkAvel and click “Send Link”;  the system will send an email to the address you indicated

  • check you inbox and click the link in the message. You will be redirected where you can enter your credentials and your new password

Yes, you can. LinkAvel is not just a ticketing website, but also a search engine that lets you find all the information regarding your travel by bus.


Go to the HOME PAGE, select “Change booking” in the menu on the right side of the page and follow the procedure. If you need help, see the entry Modify Reservation on our buying guide.

To cancel your reservation and get a refund you must contact the bus company with which you purchased the ticket; contacts are available on the ticket and on our website.

The rebooking is possible by any bus company. For specific conditions, please contact the bus company with which you will travel. The contacts are available on the ticket and on the website.

Unfortunately no.

LinkavAl allows you to change your reservation only with a run of the same bus company with which you purchased your travel.

The PNR code (Passenger Name Record) is a code that contains all the information about a ticket, such as number of passengers, run, departure time, etc.

You can find the PNR code on your ticket and on the purchase summary screen. The PNR code is important because allows you to make a change of the journey on LinkAvel, at the resellers affiliated with the transport company, contacting the bus company and at the stop, showing your ticket to the driver.

On LinkAvel you can purchase your tickets using the most popular and secure electronic payment methods: Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal Prepaid Card, Discover, American Express, Carta Aura.

In addition, you can make a reservation through SISAL system and pay the tickets at the nearest licensed reseller.


LinkAvel benefits of the most popular and guaranteed payment circuits  on Internet.

Of course!

Check the travel agencies and reseller list of LinkAve’s partnersl and find the most convenient solution for you.

The 3D SECURE represents an additional level of security for payments with Visa and MasterCard, which protects against unauthorized use of your credit card.  3D SECURE is a simple and free way to protect your credit card.

Please check that the card number and other data entered are correct. Otherwise, contact the toll free number of the credit card for more information.

At the end of the time at your disposal, the system automatically empties the shopping basket from the selected reservations and free the seats booked; therefore, you can repeat the procedure.

Once the transaction has gone through the payment gateway, the system will redirect you on LinkAvel where you will see the results and the summary of the booking. In addition, the system will send you a confirmation email with attached the purchased ticket.

Sometimes it is possible that the email is over the “Spam” folder of email box. If you cannot find the email, you can not contact the bus company with which you are traveling.

No, you can exhibit your ticket in digital format too, showing the driver the mobile device on which it is saved.

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Can’t find the information you needed on FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers?

Please tell us! LinkAvel’s team will reply promptly and your questions will be added to the FAQs.

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