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Linkavel shopping voucher: the more you travel, the more you earn!

Do you often travel by bus? Why not get some free shopping vouchers?
Until 31 December 2023, by purchasing your tickets on the Linkavel portal you have the possibility to request vouchers that can be spent on the main online shopping sites.
Read the full article to find out the details of the initiative!

Who can request the linkavel VOUCHER?

All travelers who purchase their tickets on Linkavel portal Regardless of which airline or route they choose, they can receive a reward voucher. In order to request the voucher, it is necessary to have purchased online at least 10 travel tickets, from 1 January 2023. Remember that purchases made by telephone or at the counter will not be counted. In addition, purchases from or through retail outlets will not count.

how can i request it?

The request to request your shopping voucher is very simple! You will have to forward to email or to our whatsapp chat some information about your data. In particular, you will need to enter:
  • 1. Yours name and surname 
  • 2. E-mail address that you entered at the time of purchase
Our operators will verify the number of travel tickets purchased from 1 January 2023 and will take care of forwarding your voucher to you only after the travel date. Hurry, you have until December 31, 2023!

Have you already bought tickets?

Contact us also via whatsapp and write your own PNR!
The PNR can be found at the top right of the ticket under the QRCODE


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