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Sala Consilina-Nice

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Direct and convenient connection Sala Consilina – Nice: buses from Sala Consilina to Nice

Make your online reservation, travel by bus has never been so easy! Discover bus stops of the national line ConsilinaNice. Compare prices, timetables and plan your trip on online ticketing system LinkAvel.

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Luxury and Culture in a beautiful seaside city
Nice, capital of the French Riviera, offers all its beauty and its history, architecture, culture, art, events, performances, sports, hobbies, nature … Nice retains the authentic charm of a Mediterranean town with a variety of activities to do!

Attractions in Nice
The city is characterized by its beautiful beaches of white pebbles that highlight the deep blue sea. As other towns in the centers of the French Riviera, Nice offers a rich variety of tourist attractions and interesting events.

After Paris, Nice is the city with the largest number of galleries and museums of France, so it is worth dwelling on the most distinctive and popular: the National Marc Chagal Museum which houses the largest public collection of the great artist Chagall works, 17 paintings that make up the Biblical Message on themes taken from the Old testament. The Musée Matisse which houses the personal collection of the French painter who lived in Nice from 1917 until his death. The Mamac, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Nice, a must for any modern-contemporary art lover.

For joggers or those who want to relax on the benches and enjoy a breathtaking panorama, the famous Promenade des Anglais, the beautiful promenade along the sea up to the airport, the stage of numerous events such as the Carnival of Nice and the Prom Classic, a race of 10 kilometers which annually attracts an increasing number of athletes.

On Nicetourism web site you will find all the useful information for your stay in Nice: events, shows, concerts and much more; buying the French Riviera Pass, (24, 48 or 72 hours) you can visit museums for free and take part to main activities in Nice and in the French Riviera.
The old part of Nice is the heart of the city, the historic center with a style that resembles that of Liguria: narrow streets, colorful buildings, many picturesque markets and corners. And ‘the area to choose from if you want to live in close contact with the city and the locals have every attraction at hand.

Best places to stay in Nice