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Direct and convenient connection Tuscany – Apulia: buses from Pistoia to San Severo

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San_Severo_Cattedrale_facciataSan Severo: a city of ancient origins

According to legend the city was founded by Diomede, hero of Trojan War, with the name of Castrum Drionis (Casteldrione) and would have remained pagan until the bishop of the nearby town of Siponto would have imposed the village the name of a governor converted to Christianity, Severo.
The city, which has experienced a remarkable past, in 2006 he received recognition as “City of Art”. Its historic center preserves many monuments, stately houses, monasteries and churches, mostly in Baroque style: in fact the city of San Severo is identified with the Baroque in northern Apulia. In the surrounding countryside there are many farms (Masserie), typical elements of Apulian landscape.

The typical farm in Apulia: the Masseria

Widespread especially in the South, the Masserie were the farmhouses of rich landowners. The Masserie, administered by the Massai, were self-sufficient farms and included stalls, warehouses for the supply of cereals and also the lodgings for the farmers. Today this farms are used as Holiday resorts or Bed and Breakfast.
festa soccorso

The “Festa del Soccorso”, the Drums and the mad race of ‘Fujenti’

During the Festa del Soccorso, the silence of the faithful accompanies the procession of the Patron Saint and is spaced out by the loud bang of the Drums of its districts. This frantic pace is punctuated by fast run of “Fujenti“, courageous men running while the fireworks explode. The people running are so many to look like a “river”, just ahead of the long sequence of gunpowder blasts, is an evocative metaphor of the boundary between life and death, the memory of the ancient Dionysian rites that always enliven the area.
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