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Verona station-Verona airport

Bus Verona Train Station-Verona Airport Catullo

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Bus Verona Train Station-Verona Airport Catullo

The City of Love

NWe cannot deny that Verona is popular all over the world as the city of love for the famous Shakespearean work, but the city is full of history and was famous long before Romeo and Juliet. The great romanarchitect Vitruviuswas born in Verona, for example.
Numerous Roman monuments testify to the importance of Verona after the second century BC.

TheArena of Verona Arena is an ellipse 110 meters wide and 150 long, made of an uninterrupted sequence of 72 double stone arches.
It is also the best preserved Roman amphitheater, the best known along with the Colosseum and the third largest in the world. Ponte Pietra, the only surviving Roman bridgeafter the collapse of Ponte Postumio, consists of five arches, four of which were destroyed in 1945 by the retreating Germans, and were later rebuilt with stones retrieved from the river. Two Roman gates of the first century A.D. arise on the city walls: Porta Borsari and Porta Leoni. The first is well preserved, while the second conseves only half the interior facade. During thr Venetian domination operates the architect Michele Sanmicheli, as Porta Nuova, performed concurrently with the strengthening of the fortifications of Verona.

Something curious: the name “Verona” has been adopted by many cities (more than ten!), in USA, in Canada and in Australia.

Il Beautiful green areas

Giardino Giusti is considered one of the finest examples of Italian Renaissance garden, a true paradise. The Italian Garden was a great success, so much to impose itself across Europe with its geometry, architecture and perspective rigor, typical of figurative Humanism Italian culture, until the appearance of the English Garden, sinuous, irregular, with the plants disposed in disorder on a disorganized path.
Best places to stay in Verona

“Love Stone” Project

Since some years is born a unique initiative: the “Love Stone” project. This allows you to leave an indelible mark of love in the house of Romeo and Juliet. Today all lovers can express their feelings on a panel without spoiling the interior walls of the House Capulet courtyard. The project offers the opportunity to buy and customize the tiles that will be used to restore the “Juliet Balcony”, now the foyer of the Teatro Nuovo in Verona. Bus Verona Train Station-Verona Airport Catullo!

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