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Bus Naples – Bari, travel by bus to Apulia. Buses from Naples to Bari

Make your online reservation, travel by bus has never been so easy! Discover bus stops of the national line Naples – Bari. Bus Naples – Bari, travel by bus to Apulia. Compare prices, timetables and plan your trip to Italy on online ticketing system LinkAvel.

Bus Naples – Bari, travel by bus to Apulia!

Bari Harbour. View of the harbour and the coast of BariBus Naples – Bari, travel by bus to Apulia

The old city of Bari

Piazza del Ferrarese is for many tourists the starting point to discover the old city. Also called the ‘Sea Gate’, it was one of the entrances to the medieval town. Thanks to a massive urban redevelopment of the neighborhood, have emerged traces of a pavement with stone basement of an anchient Roman road.  Here is the historic ‘fish market’ of Bari, behind the old port of  the city, where now different stuff are sold.
The square is also a business center. On one side of the square you can see the column of justice, where the insolvent debtors were tied and left to die.

The sea of Bari. Picture of a fishing boat in Bari, Apulia

Street food and tradition: What can we eat in Bari?

 We cannot belive the motto “ The inhabitants of Bari? They come out only for food!” , but his beautiful city has a deep connection with the street food, ranging from sgagliozze in the old town to the sandwiches shops scattered in neighborhoods … You must try the panzerotti and the focaccia, but the real symbol of this city is raw fish. Just eating sea urchins, octopus and mussels, accompanied by the ubiquitous Peroni beer!
Best panzerotti in town

The attention to the food starts from the purchase of primary products. A visit to the various city markets is compulsory. You can find fresh vegetables, fish and all the tipical food of Bari. Bus Naples – Bari, travel by bus to Apulia!

Guide to shop in Bari  and timetables of food markets