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Bus Salerno – Chieti, travel by bus to Abruzzo region. Buses from Salerno to Chieti

Make your online reservation, travel by bus has never been so easy! Discover bus stops of the national line Salerno – Chieti. Compare prices, timetables and plan your trip on online ticketing system LinkAvel.

Bus Salerno – Chieti, travel by bus to Abruzzo region!

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Chieti city center, Abruzzo, Italy. Linkavel Chieti Ventre busBus Salerno – Chieti, travel by bus to Abruzzo region

Chieti: the city founded by Achilles Achilles

Chieti is a city little known to the general public, but it guarantees a quality tourism, both in culture and the landscapes. The ancient Teate, in fact, enjoys a privileged position.
It is only fifteen minutes from the Adriatic and the winds by the snowy peaks of the Maiella.
The capital of the Abruzzo province, is 330 meters above sea level. It houses the headquarters of the University “G. D’Annunzio”. The hilly part of the city, Chieti Alta, stands out from the flat part, Chieti Scalo. The latter is of more recent construction. In the old town you can visit several monuments and places of cultural and artistic interest.
Chieti is in the archaeological field known for its many exhibits, including the famous statue of the Capestrano Warrior. The statue is situated in the National Archaeological Museum of Abruzzo.

The Cathedral and the historic center of Chieti

Castle in Chieti, italy. Linkavel Chieti Ventre bus Sort of a most ancient religious building, whose structures are partly visible in the crypt, one of the first works that can be seen as soon as you arrive in Chieti, the Cathedral dedicated to San Giustino, patron of the city, was built in the Middle Ages and almost entirely rebuilt in the ‘300 and overlooks the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. The facade and the right side, the one that promises the square, is the work of the famous architect Guido Cirilli.
The interior has a Latin cross with three naves, holding many blades and antique paintings; also see the remains of frescoes of the twelfth and thirteenth century.
The rich and valuable treasure includes a golden silver chalice, the work of Venetian art of the ‘400, the great marble altar, the Missal illuminated Borgia and the silver statue of the Madonna of the seventeenth century Neapolitan school Popolo.

Chieti is a cultural city, but also lively and busy: narrow streets, picturesque views, archaeological remains of a glorious past are combined with modernity, progress and emancipation.
In the visit in the center of Chieti, do not miss the Teatro Marrucino decorated with precious stucco, which in the past was used as a church. To visit is the provincial Costantino Barbella Art Gallery, located in the palace Martinetti Bianchi, it contains paintings of great artistic and historical value. The visit may continue in the arena of Chieti Civitella and the National Archaeological Museum where you can see some precious objects from the ancient Teate Marruccinoru, Collelongo, Rapino, Guardiagrele and the famous “Warrior of Capistrano”, Italic sculpture.

Chieti Alta is the oldest part and is located on the hill while the new part, ie the fraction of Chieti Scalo, lies in the valley north of the hill and extends right up to the bank of the river Alento. Bus Salerno – Chieti, travel by bus to Abruzzo region!

Best places to stay in Chieti